Is streetwear still popular?

Arguably, urban clothing appeals to people of all ages, and not just the millennial generation. There is something timeless about urban fashion because it embraces the pop culture of the moment and, at the same time, remains faithful to its sporting and musical roots, which makes it one of the most enduring and beloved urban styles of all urban styles. Although it seems that the world of fashion is constantly changing with new trends and styles that are bought every season, there is no doubt that urban clothing by designers is not going to disappear quickly. With clever marketing tricks and good-quality clothing, the urban fashion hype hasn't died out yet.

Brands continue to collaborate to create incredible new collections, and every new Supreme release continues to excite. Whether urban fashion has an alternative remains to be seen, once again relapsing to lose relevance. For now, it's at its peak, and it's still that way. Streetwear has become very popular in recent years.

Streetwear was promoted as skatewear. It was understood that you could only wear street clothes if you skated. Over time, people started to notice these “cool brands” and started using them on a daily basis. This type of clothing became a booming business.

People spend a lot of money, for example, on a t-shirt that says “Supreme “, on Bape, or on shoes with the Nike logo backwards. The report is divided into four articles. Visit the executive summary for a full overview. This has given them a distinct advantage over their counterparts, as they are largely regarded as the pioneers of urban fashion.

This season, sneakers and hoodies rarely appeared at mega-bank shows in Milan and Paris in fashion weeks, as in previous years, while ties with luxury urban clothing, such as Air Jordan and Dior or Supreme and Louis Vuitton, have become less common. The skate brand Supreme, based in New York, considered by many to be the most influential urban clothing brand in the world, has refined this model, with prices that remain affordable for buyers who are concerned about their budget despite the brand's very high demand. When measuring why consumers like urban fashion, North American and European consumers surveyed gave more importance to the community aspect of urban fashion compared to newer markets, such as Asia. These ideas highlight the current segmentation of the urban fashion market and, more importantly, the sales capacity of urban clothing.

Meanwhile, while an overwhelming 74% of respondents in North America and Europe reported that urban clothing products are always in fashion, only 54% of respondents in Asia reported that urban clothing products are always in fashion. Brands like Supreme and Stussy paved the way for designers like Vigil Abloh and Raf Simmons to create their own designer version of urban fashion. A high proportion (62%) of the consumers surveyed indicated that they believe that urban fashion products are always in fashion, while another 22% believe that urban clothing remains in fashion for at least one year, which means a much longer product life than that of traditional fashion items. Most of the popular urban clothing brands you see today were created in the 1980s, although they only gained momentum in recent years.

A lot of people want to have their own identity, so being able to differentiate themselves from other people is something you can do with urban clothing. Collaborations with more accessible urban clothing brands allow men's clothing brands to reach a wider consumer base in this era of greater price sensitivity, he says. Beyond the binomial between urban fashion and tailoring, customers are looking for a compromise, continues Santi-Weil. With the style typical of urban fashion, brands can sell similar items all year round, and new styles are occasionally introduced depending on the season.

The young and hungry consumer who is part of the local community that drives the urban fashion brand is not necessarily the same consumer who spends a lot on products inspired by urban fashion. Once models like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner appear in urban designer clothes, you'll know how cool it is. Collaborations between luxury brands and urban clothing also began to lose their novelty as they became more common. .