What's the difference between streetwear and fashion?

Urban fashion gained its sense of exclusivity thanks to the overwhelming demand of many brands. Urban fashion began with subcultures in the 1980s. Looking at the rest of the FW17 collections in Paris, I had the overwhelming impression that urban fashion is the only style that matters anymore. In essence, urban fashion involves the production, promotion, sale and resale of casual fashion, mainly footwear, such as sneakers, but also t-shirts and other items, in ways that avoid traditional retail channels and often subvert the way in which the fashion industry has long defined and dictated how “cool” becomes profitable.

I was talking about the culture of sneakers and urban fashion and that most of the people involved haven't done anything that could be considered street smarts. Urban fashion should not be seen as a trend within fashion, but as the driving part of a major change that has empowered popular culture that encompasses fashion, art and music, and which is largely driven by black culture.

The original urban clothing brands

are characterized by an affordable price, comfortable clothing and authenticity. Like other major cultural movements, urban fashion grew rapidly simultaneously in major cities and regions around the world.

Of course, no one wears Roccawear, Coogi or Bape so much anymore, but the only reason those clothes were street clothes in the first place was because they were represented by rappers, as is the case today. Luxury urban clothing brands reflect the most recent appearance of brands that blur the lines between original urban clothing and luxury fashion. The sneakers created by brands such as Adidas and Nike are the cornerstones of the urban uniform. The designer Dapper Dan played a fundamental role in turning urban clothing into luxury as early as the 1980s in Harlem, New York, creating styles for hip-hop artists that traditional luxury brands of the time rejected.

That same day, Guillermo opens showroom 424 to the public, giving urban fashion fans the opportunity to hang out, touch the clothes and see what's coming in six months. The value of each urban clothing brand is derived from a variety of sources, including product quality and design, celebrity fans, musicians and artists. Most of the major fashion brands, both luxury and mass-market, are changing their strategies to incorporate urban clothing. In the beginning, urban fashion was simple and an antidote to the complicated and elaborate styles that were in fashion at the time.

Street fashion is a broad term. A good analogy is that urban fashion is a fashion genre that is extremely diverse, since its different styles are subgenres and different brands are like different bands and artists.