How did streetwear become popular?

Streetwear is a clothing style that became known around the world in the 1990s. It originated from a combination of New York hip-hop fashion, California's surf cat culture and elements of sportswear, punk and Japanese street fashion. Over time, haute couture became an influence. Urban fashion is a casual clothing style that went global in the 1990s.

It grew out of New York's hip hop fashion and California's surf culture to include elements of sportswear, punk, skateboarding and Japanese street fashion. It usually focuses on casual and comfortable garments, such as jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps and sneakers, and on exclusivity through intentional product shortages. Enthusiasts follow certain brands and try to get limited-edition releases. Jeff Staple's vision and designs have inspired Umahoin in his own creative store, ensuring a deeper connection with the urban clothing brand.

With a growing trend of prominent brands and logos in clothing, a hyper-bestial culture related to urban fashion has developed starting in the mid-2000s. Even today, urban fashion is led by a close-knit group of musicians, skaters, artists and now social media influencers, who create clothes and select styles for themselves as an act of self-expression, culture and community knowledge. Complex magazine named Stüssy, Supreme and A Bathing Ape as the main urban clothing brands, and many collaborated on precious haute couture capsule collections, such as Supreme x Louis Vuitton, Fila x Fendi, A Bathing Ape x Commes des Garcons and Stussy x Dior. Although it seems that the world of fashion is constantly changing with new trends and styles that are bought every season, there is no doubt that urban clothing by designers is not going to disappear quickly.

There is no single definition for Milanese urban clothing because this style encompasses many different social layers and subcultures. Now, celebrities are ditching their glamorous everyday looks in favor of premium but casual urban clothing. Modern urban fashion, which is usually characterized by its casual but daring look, has grown from an interesting story to become one of the most iconic forms of clothing, and its popularity shows no signs of diminishing in the short term. Street fashion is a common term that is often used without thinking much about what it actually means, what its values are or where it comes from.

Since then, the brand has been adapting classic Carhartt garments to attract people concerned about style and has been fundamental in helping urban fashion reach mainstream consumers. For the time being, loose hoodies and sneakers from renowned sports brands are essential, so companies such as Nike, Adidas and Puma are seeing huge sales of urban clothing. Nowadays, urban fashion has a multifaceted personality, combining a casual look, ready-to-wear fashion and, often, luxury with exclusivity. Urban fashion has taken a big leap in recent years, going from being cult followers to becoming a giant icon in the world of luxury fashion.

Urban fashion hasn't always focused on limited editions and key marketing campaigns through select delivery dates.