Is streetwear on the rise?

Baggy pants, big shirts, padded jackets, sneakers and more; these basic garments returned this year without the 80s demanding them. The revival of urban fashion should be a reminder that its past comes from an art movement that we often forget to give credit to. Many urban clothing brands sell exclusively through their own websites rather than through traditional retail channels. They also use single-product launches (sneaker lover jargon to refer to the launch of a product) instead of following a traditional runway schedule.

By launching a limited quantity at a certain time, brands can increase advertising beforehand, ensure scarcity and create high resale value once the product is sold out. Some product deliveries require potential customers to participate in a lottery just to buy the product. Wang, who lives in London but was locked up in Shanghai, says that the Chinese market is still interested in logos and flashy urban clothing styles. Rappers like Lil Kim and Biggie Smalls pioneered the first basic garments of urban fashion, such as fishing hats and loose-fitting tracksuits.

It is not surprising, therefore, that fashion brands have been betting on urban fashion in recent years. This season, sneakers and hoodies rarely appeared at mega-bank shows in Milan and Paris in fashion weeks, as in previous years, while urban luxury ties, such as Air Jordan and Dior or Supreme and Louis Vuitton, have become less common. They produce most of the highest-value items in urban fashion, sneakers, which gives them incredible financial power in the urban fashion industry. Urban clothing is extremely personal and depends heavily on personal style, location and income level, so there really isn't a right or wrong way to wear urban clothing.

In a survey conducted by Hypebeast, 45% of consumers surveyed say that they buy an item of urban clothing at least once a month, and 62% said that they thought that urban clothing products are always in fashion. The combination of tailoring and urban clothing allows for a more personalized approach to luxury for this wider range of urban fashion fanatics. A second reason for the interest of established brands is that urban clothing has subverted the way in which fashion trends have taken off. Whether urban fashion lives or dies, the evolution of men's fashion depends largely on the market, as global trends influence demand.

Unlike most areas of fashion, urban clothing typically includes sizes, is gender-neutral, and is made or worn by people of color. Collaborations with more accessible urban clothing brands are allowing men's clothing brands to reach a wider consumer base in this time of greater price sensitivity, he says. In the United States, the modern urban clothing movement can be traced back to California's surf and skate culture. The most important item in urban fashion, sneakers, emerged from both hip-hop and basketball, two predominantly black subcultures.

Big luxury brands such as Dior and Louis Vuitton are able to balance both, producing tailoring along with launches and launches of urban clothing. The fashion industry defines urban clothing as casual, fashionable clothing worn by followers of popular culture.