Is streetwear considered fashion?

In recent years, we have seen how urban fashion styles have influenced and influenced haute couture and haute couture fashion. At first glance, the definition of urban clothing is deceptively simple. The fashion industry defines urban clothing as casual, fashionable clothing worn by followers of popular culture. Most of these followers are under 30 years old, live in urban areas and belong to a group of subcultures (e.g.

urban fashion refers to a style, while haute couture is more about the standards of a garment). Although haute couture is strictly regulated in France, an international approach to haute couture would be more generous in the definition. If you eliminate the exact staffing figures and personalized requirements of haute couture, you get high-quality clothing. This juxtaposition between the thrifty “do it yourself” style and the high-end production of limited-edition pieces is what makes urban fashion so unique.

But we must take this idea with a grain of salt, since we cannot ignore the fact that urban fashion was also influenced by the punk rock scene. Many urban clothing designers have interacted and influenced each other over time, making it a collaborative process. While it has changed and evolved over the years, urban fashion is still a popular style for both men and women around the world. The fact that urban fashion in and of itself is a difficult genre to define means that there are countless opportunities to experiment with style, as style is constantly changing and evolving.

But now, thanks to the predominantly direct-to-consumer model of urban fashion, it is the consumers themselves who are driving the trends. Dapper Dan, a designer based in Harlem who created luxury urban clothing for hip-hop artists and influencers of color. Sportswear brands include leading sports brands whose sportswear and sneaker offerings are an integral part of urban style. Like other major cultural movements, urban fashion grew rapidly simultaneously in major cities and regions around the world.

Thanks to the worldwide popularity of K-Pop bands such as BTS and Blackpink, urban fashion is expanding their musical taste. Today, urban fashion is defined by its relaxed and comfortable aesthetic, and often includes elements of sportswear, hip hop and punk. So how do you categorize something that is constantly changing and evolving by its very nature? Because urban fashion is such a fluid clothing genre, it can be difficult to decide which specific pieces belong to you. As for urban fashion, it is the millions of users who like, share and retweet that determine what the next trend will be, rather than the fashion elite.

Although it began as the favorite style of skaters and surfers, it has now gained popularity and has been adopted by the music industry, as many R&B rappers and singers incorporate elements of urban clothing into their stage outfits. Being a little flashy with your style isn't as frowned upon as it was a couple of decades ago, which means that wearing a huge logo on the front of the shirt or on the back of the jacket isn't considered “bad taste”. Think about the 80s and 90s hip hop style with a modern twist and you'll have a pretty solid concept to start creating your urban look.