Is streetwear still in style?

After dominating fashion for most of the past decade, urban fashion is finally going out of style. The thing is that those hoodies, sneakers and t-shirts have been so absorbed by haute couture that the line between urban fashion and fashion has effectively disappeared. Urban clothing has become fashionable or fashion has become urban clothing, depending on how you want to see it. At first glance, the definition of urban clothing is deceptively simple.

The fashion industry defines urban clothing as casual, fashionable clothing worn by followers of popular culture. Most of these followers are under 30 years old, live in urban areas and belong to a group of subcultures (e.g., although it seems that the world of fashion is constantly changing with new trends and styles that are bought every season, there is no doubt that urban clothing by designers is not going to disappear quickly. With clever marketing tricks and good quality clothing, the urban fashion hype hasn't died out yet. Brands continue to collaborate to create incredible new collections, and every new Supreme release continues to excite.

Whether urban fashion has an alternative remains to be seen, once again relapsing to lose relevance. For now, it's at its peak, and it's still that way. As for urban fashion, it is the millions of users who like, share and retweet that determine what the next trend will be, rather than the fashion elite. Sportswear and streetwear are often referred to interchangeably, largely because sportswear brands are the foundation of modern urban clothing.

The sold-out market includes interpretations of urban clothing such as ARIES x New Balance x AS Roma to mass-market the Homme t-shirt by BoohooMAN. Now, some of the most famous sports brands, such as Nike, Adidas and Puma, are trying to enter the urban fashion market. That's why we analyzed the most popular word in urban fashion to help you understand the complex and multi-million dollar industry that has taken over the global fashion scene. Brands like Supreme and Stussy paved the way for designers like Vigil Abloh and Raf Simmons to create their own designer version of urban fashion.

While their goal is to stay true to their roots in urban fashion, they offer products at a higher price and attract traditional luxury customers. But now, thanks to the predominantly direct-to-consumer model of urban fashion, it is the consumers themselves who are driving the trends. Demna calls the idea that urban fashion should be separated in some way from haute couture as synonymous with the “dysfunction of the industry”. This season, the multidisciplinary designer immersed himself in the archives of the French trunk manufacturer and left his comfort zone by adopting a style opposite to that of urban fashion, with traditional men's clothing.

Brands such as urban fashion and haute couture are not just semantic categories, but social reference points. Sportswear and urban clothing brands have a long-standing relationship and their continued influence has brought Gorpcore to the masses. Heron Preston is part of New Guards Group, the Italian company that applied the luxury conglomerate model to urban fashion and is now owned by Farfetch, the e-commerce conglomerate. Thanks to the worldwide popularity of K-Pop bands such as BTS and Blackpink, urban fashion is expanding their musical taste.

Understanding the difference between the different types of urban clothing brands can make the difference between looking like an OG and looking like an aspiring cheap one.