How is the streetwear market doing?

If generations Y and Z will represent 55 percent of the global luxury market in 2025, what will happen to the remaining 45 percent of the market? Don't they have any weight for luxury brands? Indeed, as teens and young adults grow older, they will take on drastic changes in style and personality, most likely adopting the style preferences of their peers. What happens when the next generation of consumers comes with their own style codes and cultural references? The Boomers had rock and roll, Generation X had “grunge” (ripped jeans and flannel flannels) and today's teenagers care about urban fashion culture. According to a recent Hypebeast survey, a majority of 62% of people answered that urban clothing will always be in fashion. Meanwhile, the masses of teenagers who love urban fashion will grow up and leave behind their urban clothing characters.

Create a print media strategy that combines social media and marketing to gain exposure in magazines and other forms of publication, including blogs. Urban fashion is mainly based on the four pillars of comfort, scarcity, pop culture and the status symbol. However, the meteoric rise of urban fashion and, with it, the idea of accessible luxury or the “democratization of luxury”, have pushed the truly affluent class towards stealth wealth. Including urban clothing has become an important practice for big brands, such as traditional luxury homes and retail brands in shopping centers.

Evidence shows that urban fashion growth expectations are strong, even though there are some clouds hanging over the retail industry amid the global economic slowdown. By describing classic urban clothing styles, this list should open you up to new and emerging styles and expand the definition of what urban fashion is. Social media influencers, celebrities, actors and philanthropists form an important part of the urban fashion industry. Ideally, a marketing strategy should include multiple communication channels that work together to allow different brands to achieve their objectives.

However, today, as more and more luxury brands fully adopt the concept of urban fashion, they could end the entire empire of luxury if they aren't careful. Small or independent fashion brands need a strong marketing plan and strategy to gain support in a crowded industry. The most popular urban clothing brands are Supreme, Palace, Carhartt, Off-white and Nike, according to the RollingStones ranking. This has helped urban fashion to go from being a striking fashion phenomenon that was inspired by the countercultures of the eighties and nineties to becoming a multi-million dollar retail market.