Why streetwear is the best?

It could be said that urban fashion attracts people of all ages, and not just the millennial generation. There is something timeless about urban fashion because it embraces the pop culture of the moment and, at the same time, remains faithful to its sporting and musical roots, which makes it one of the most enduring and beloved urban styles of all urban styles. The first reason that original urban clothing brands like Supreme have become important is that they offer us comfortable outfits. Streetwear is warm and cozy.

It doesn't restrict movement like dresses or skirts do. This means that you can wear urban clothing for just about any activity. At first glance, the definition of urban clothing is deceptively simple. The fashion industry defines urban clothing as casual, fashionable clothing worn by followers of popular culture.

Most of these followers are under 30 years old, live in urban areas and belong to a group of subcultures (e.g., in the United States, the modern urban clothing movement can be traced back to California's surf and skate culture). Urban fashion gets its staying power from merging the original codes of luxury fashion with something new. The value of each urban clothing brand is derived from a variety of sources, including product quality and design, celebrity fans, musicians and artists. Because social networks are so popular and are used so much by millennials and Generation Z, urban clothing is the most common thing you'll see.

Although luxury brands have never paid so much attention to this factor, it seems that urban fashion has taught them and forced them to start paying attention to that. Most of the major fashion brands, both luxury and mass-market, are changing their strategies to incorporate urban clothing. These brands didn't start out manufacturing urban clothing, but eventually joined the trend when it was economically lucrative to do so. In the world of urban fashion, it is the millions of users who “like” them, those who share and retweet them that determine what the next trend will be, rather than the fashion elite.

The most important item in urban fashion, sneakers, emerged from both hip-hop and basketball, two predominantly black subcultures. The sneakers created by brands such as Adidas and Nike are the cornerstones of the urban uniform. Like other major cultural movements, urban fashion grew rapidly simultaneously in major cities and regions around the world. Urban fashion should not be seen as a trend within fashion, but as the driving part of a major change that has empowered popular culture that encompasses fashion, art and music, and which is largely driven by black culture.

Luxury urban clothing brands reflect the most recent appearance of brands that blur the lines between original urban clothing and luxury fashion. This has helped urban fashion to go from being a striking fashion phenomenon that was inspired by the countercultures of the eighties and nineties to becoming a multi-million dollar retail market.